As you prepare for building your new home, there are many items to think about.  What style home do you want, how large, where do you want your new home to be located, and all the many amenities that can go into the house.

But before you go too far, you must consider how is this new home is going to be financed!

Some of you may be able to do a “Cash” deal – either you have the money already saved, or you are in the midst of selling a existing home that will fully finance the new construction.  But, if you are not in that category, you will need to finance the new build with a “New Construction Loan.”

We at Four Corners Custom Builders, LLC recommend that you get a “Pre-Approval” letter from your bank prior to beginning the process with us.  This Pre-Approval will give both you and us the knowledge that the project that we are moving forward on is within your realistic financial budget.   It also becomes a great planning tool for us to use as we help you design your home.

So, as you move ahead with your plans on design and location, remember a key factor is getting to your lender and obtaining a Pre-Approval letter.  It will help us all in the end.