Our friends at Santander Bank have supplied us with some stats from 2015 that you may find interesting:

Average age of homebuyer: 44 years old.

Median Income: $86,100

Marital Status: 67% Married, 15% Single females, 9% Single Males, 7% Unmarried Couples.

42% of buyers 1st step was looking for a new home online.

86% if recent buyers financed their home purchase.

46% of buyers saved for their down payment in 6 months or less.

Buyers continue to see building a new home as a good financial investment.

These are averages and medians so do not think you must meet any of these as a criteria. It is more informational.

As you can see, marital status shows a wide variety of buyers, and the “average” age can be deceiving since many “baby boomers” are now in the market for homes.