So, you want to build a new home but you haven’t decided on a building lot yet. Here are some points to remember as you begin your process.

For many people, the first step in building you new home is finding and buying a building lot. However, you may be one of the lucky ones that already have your lot. In that case you are ready to move forward with the first steps of the building process, but if not, there are some items you may want to consider before buying a lot.

1) Location. Yes, that is going to be your most important item. Do you want to be in a specific school district? How far is your commute to and from work? Do you want to be located in a wooded more secluded area or would you rather wide open space with a beautiful view. How close are shopping areas. Do you want to be near family or friends? Put yourself in that place and imagine how you would feel.

2) A “Perfect Lot”. Well, there are no “perfect lots”, but we can help lead you to good ones! When considering buying a lot, think of the size you REALLY need. Everyone wants a large lot, but is it right for you? Buying multiple acres will give you isolation from other neighbors, but it also entails keeping up with maintenance on that area too. Sometimes a smaller area will work for you just as well. Does the lot have public water and sewer, or will it need a septic system and a well? If so, check with the seller and find out if they have already had a percolation test done before buying the land. This test will tell you that a septic system will be feasible on the land or not.

3) The surrounding area. Does the type of home you want match the area? Is is too big…too small? Also consider that the bank will consider comparable homes when appraising the value of your new construction loan.

4) Most important! Call us and have us check your lot before you buy. It’s no cost to you, just a service that we supply!

Call us at 610-682-0758, we can make this much easier than doing it alone!